Every room has something to say. My job is to listen.

In 1998, I shot Bill Blass’ Sutton Place apartment. It was an incredible example of a life of exquisite taste boiled down to a few great rooms. W Magazine–thanks to Dennis Freedman and Jim Reginato–ran a huge story on it and it was the highlight of my career. Michael S. Smith (by then a friend and long time collaborator) said, “You’ve just shot the chicest apartment on the planet. Now what? How can you top that?”

Since then I've pointed my camera at many beautiful things and fascinating people, yet always with that question in mind. Now what? 

This summer that question was finally answered. Thanks to Michael S. Smith himself, and the people at Architectural Digest when they asked me to shoot the White House residence. I held my breath for nearly a month, waiting for the absolute confirmation. When I finally got it, I was thrilled and honored.

Going to the White House was as exciting as it sounds. Once I entered the building, I was immediately humbled by all of the greatness that had inhabited this place for centuries.

Besides Michael S. Smith's accompaniment on the shoot, I was joined by the venerable Margaret Russell and the ever so chic Carolina Irving, both of whom lent their gifted eyes to the shoot. Working alongside with these three behemoths of the design world was both a pleasure and a humbling experience.

My sincerest thanks go out to Michael S. Smith, Amy Astley, Margaret Russel, Carolina Irving and of course to the Obamas for their vision.

- Michael Mundy

ABOUT THE Photographer

Michael Mundy

Photo Courtesy:  Niki Asti

Photo Courtesy: Niki Asti

Depth and sensitivity characterize Michael Mundy's unmistakable style. Over the course of his 30-year career, Michael has captured the essence of everything from architectural spaces, noted personalities, to beauty and fashion products.

Michael's photographs have been featured in Architectural Digest, Town & Country, Martha Stewart, The New York Times and many more. His commercial clients include some of the world's most renowned brands.

He currently lives and works in New York.